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Zipper Carrying Case

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The Decibullz premium zipper case is designed to protect your earphones, earbuds, headphones, in-ear monitors (IEM's), custom molded earplugs, and custom molded earphones. With a rugged EVA shell and a soft interior lining the case is perfect for keeping your earphones or earplugs safe while on the go. Internal Dimensions: 3in x 2in x 1in

Zipper Carrying Case



  • Nice and Convenient


    I travel a lot, and my earbuds tend to die early due to being pulled out of my carry on bag. This case is the perfect solution to keep my new Decibullz earphones in good shape. It's small, doesn't take up too much room, and won't get lost. I love it.

    - Joseph S. on Jun 5, 2017

  • Didn't waste any space.


    I used the Decibullz custom ear protection for the National Matches at Camp Perry last summer (2016). I had AR15's firing 5-10 yards to my right and 5-10 yards to my left, plus mine. The Decibullz performed so well, and were so comfortable, I bought a second pair for my wife to use at the range. I used them in +90* F heat (no deformation noticed), all day for 2 days in a row. They were so comfortable, I sometimes forgot I had them in.

    During the hunting season, I had my Decibullz in my jacket pocket with a hand warmer. When I went to take the Decibullz out of the pouch, they were melted into the pouch fabric. There was nothing I could do until I was able to remold them later. I then found the Zipper Carrying Case and purchased 2 of them to prevent this from happening again. After remolding, mine do not look as “pretty” as they did before, but still function perfectly and are still very comfortable. For the $19.99, I may still order an extra pair of molds.

    Back to the Case:

    It's a snug fit when you put the pouch (that comes with the Decibullz) in the webbed inside pocket (top half of shell) with your extra foam plugs (purchased separately) and lanyard (purchased separately) attached to the Decibullz, but it still works and I am satisfied with the case. I took a silver permanent marker and put our names on the cases. Overall, 9 out of 10. Could have used a bit more space, but everything still fits. The outer shell is firm enough to offer protection from getting randomly tossed into our equipment bags without fear of damage. Hope this helps, good luck.

    - Nathan L. on Jan 12, 2017