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Decibullz custom molded wired earphones


Wired Earphones

Decibullz custom-molded wired headphones are easily fitted by you to the exact shape of your ears in minutes. The unique custom fit leads to headphones that will never hurt and never fall out. Designed for an active, limitless lifestyle, Decibullz earphones were created so you can take your music with you no matter what you do. Whether your running, working out, or relaxing at a café, you can listen to what you love while you do what you love.

Easy to Mold – and Remold

You can easily mold the wired earbuds to fit the exact shape of your ear. They’re made from a unique thermoplastic material that softens in hot water. Once heated, simply allow the earpieces to cool for 30 seconds, then insert the mold in your ear and use your finger to create the perfect fit. You can also remold your earbuds as often as necessary to ensure the proper fit. Decibullz provides the only re-moldable custom earbud on the market.

Award Winning

Decibullz products are the highest-rated commercially available custom headphones of their kind currently on the market. They’re tested by an independent third-party lab to ensure they meet standards for quality, comfort and performance. Our headphones have won multiple awards including the best earphone of 2015 by USA Today and Reviewed.com, and they’ve won Consumer Electronics Show Innovation awards in 2013 and 2015.

Limitless Lifestyles

Because our custom-molded wired earphones will not fall out, they’re ideally for users with an active lifestyle. They’re perfect for athletes, runners and others who engage in any type of rigorous physical activity. Decibullz have tested and used by Olympic gymnasts to ensure they stay in and maintain their fit during intense physical activity.


The ideal combination of the perfect fit and excellent sound quality at an affordability price. Traditional custom-molded headphones can cost hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars, Decibullz wired headphones are available at a fraction of the price. Free shipping is also included for US orders exceeding $50.

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Our wired earphone line includes the Contour Custom Fit, as well as our newest addition, the Contour ES Custom Fit. Learn more about these innovative custom-molded earphones by reviewing the individual product descriptions below. You can order any of our earphone products safely and securely from our convenient, user-friendly online store. Place your order today!