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Add Custom
to Your Shelf

Give Customers Premium
Hearing Protection

Unlike some other senses, our hearing is one and done. With everyday noises capable of causing permanent damage, hunting and shooting hobbyists need access to quality hearing protection more than ever. With Decibullz, your customers will have just that. We specialize in hearing protection that is comfortable, secure, and unique to every ear.

Increase Your
In-Store Sales

With Decibullz, we make it easy to add a new revenue stream to your list of offerings. Our lineup of hearing protection gives you the ability to sell multiple SKUs in a compact space, while also meeting the demand of consumers that expect a higher level of quality from the products they rely on.

Plus, with more and more retailers carrying Decibullz, let’s make sure your customers can find us, too.

… and the

Providing custom hearing protection isn’t always feasible when it comes to smaller shops. Carrying a variety of earmuffs and pre-fit earplugs ends up being a temporary solution with less than ideal results. What you need are products that do it all – and look good on the shelf.

With Decibullz, your customers will have access to custom options that don’t eat up valuable shelf space.


Check out the feedback we received at SHOT Show 2020!


  • Simplicity of Molding and Re-moldablity

    Easy, simple molding process that can be done all on your own. You can remold the earplugs as many times as you need to get the most effective and comfortable fit. Which means, you can’t mess it up!

  • All-day Comfort

    Decibullz earplugs stay in place and avoid pressure points because they are molded specifically to each user’s ear. Users no longer have to worry about cumbersome, hot, and uncomfortable muffs.

  • Better, Consistent Protection with Custom

    Foam earplugs (foamies as we call them) work their way out of your ears over time, while muffs can slide off when seating a rifle or wearing eye protection. Both of these fail to provide a good seal. Decibullz lock in place in the user’s ears and provide consistent protection at all times.

  • Affordable Price Point

    Custom products are usually over $100 and require a professional to fit. After that, they can’t be remolded! Decibullz retail for $25.99 and you’re sure to get something that fits.

  • Made in the USA

    We manufacture our Decibullz custom molded earplugs from
    our HQ in Northern Colorado!

Select Dealer Packages include
our brand-new POP displays!

Just set it down, load it up, and let it make the sales for you.






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“Great product! We are a small pro shop attached to a shotgun range and our customers enjoy the variety we carry along with the quality of the products. We have been told numerous times that we have a better selection that is shotgun specific than the big box stores. Thank you for being a part of that!”

- Mid-Valley Clays & Shooting School


While your customers spend a lot of their time at the range or on the hunt, Decibullz are designed to protect during everyday activities
like mowing the lawn, attending events, or listening to music with our wired headphone upgrade kit!

Disclaimer: Be sure to only purchase Decibullz products from an Authorized Reseller. Warranty is honored with proof of purchase receipt from an Authorized Reseller.
Purchasing from an unauthorized reseller exposes you to receiving used or defective product.