How Real Decibullz Customers Use Our Custom Molded Products

It’s possible that sound is more influential over our life than ever before, simply because we have more access to it than any other time in human history. No longer do we huddle around our radios, capable of only picking up local frequencies—we can now listen to voices from nearly anywhere on the planet whether we’re at home, work, or on the move.

Whether we’re listening to music, radio shows, podcasts, lectures, or audio books, there’s more choice than ever before in what we listen to.

So it made absolutely no sense to us that there’s very little choice in how we listen.Decibullz creator Kyle Kirkpatrick had a realization during his journey to develop affordable custom molded earbuds—he wasn’t alone in his dissatisfaction with “one size fits all” earbuds.

As it turns out, your ears aren’t weird. Almost everyone has precisely the same list of problems that you do: their earbuds fall out, cause discomfort or even pain, and don’t even come close to fitting properly.

This isn’t necessarily because most earbud manufacturers can’t make a good product. They can. The problem is that their products, by definition, can’t be good for everyone.

Everyone’s Different – Why Shouldn’t Your Earbuds Be Different Too?

It’s now understood that the human ear is incredibly unique. Fingerprints are generally considered to be the most unique identifier for all humans—they’re even different for “identical” twins.

However, a newer technology called the image ray transform technique has indicated that human ears might be the best identifier, even better than fingerprints. With 99.6% accuracy, the image ray transform technique has determined that the bumps, ridges, and overall shape of the ear is completely different for everyone.

It appears that the shape of the ear changes very little over the course of one’s lifetime as well. Of course the ear will get bigger, and the lobes descend with time, but for the most part your ears will remain the same throughout your life.

Is it really any wonder that earbuds don’t really fit properly for anyone, not just you? We’re offered customization in nearly every other facet of our life, but until the advent of Decibullz, custom molded earbuds were so cost-prohibitive that the notion of getting a pair was pretty much reserved for the wealthy—with some custom molding services carrying a price tag of $3,000 or more.

After years of research, Kyle Kirkpatrick was able to develop an affordable thermoplastic design so that earbuds could truly reach the “one size fits all” standard.It’s finally possible to listen to what you want with a portable audio product that conforms to your unique needs, not the other way around.

Sometimes It’s About What You Don’t Hear

Little has been offered in the way of customization for blocking out sounds either. Most of us have probably encountered those little foam earplugs—the ones that don’t really work and end up being little balls of earwax—but earplugs are some of the most essential pieces of safety equipment around, and not just for industrial workers.

Think about all of the activities you might love that require ear protection. Concerts for one can be extremely loud, alongside shooting ranges, fireworks displays, and any number of other activities—like sports—that most of us participate in from time to time.

One of the worst things that can go wrong with your safety equipment is an earplug that doesn’t fit properly or tends to fall out at the most inopportune moments. Even a single exposure to a loud enough sound can cause permanent hearing damage.

The old style of “one size fits all” isn’t good enough if you’re at all interested in protecting your hearing. Custom molded solutions don’t fit for everyone, they fit for you.

Some of Our Proudest Moments

There are few work-related experiences that most people can honestly say give them a feeling of genuine happiness or joy—but at Decibullz, we’re fortunate enough to have that experience on a regular basis.

Many of our customers have thanked us for providing them with a solution for their unique situations, many of them having the opportunity to use earbuds or earplugs that fit them just right for the first time in their lives. Whether their ears were considered “too abnormal” for “one size fits all” products as a result of congenital conditions or because they’re burn survivors, these are some of the customers that make us the most proud of our accomplishments.

Comfort – No Matter What You’re Listening To

The science behind improved productivity for those who listen to music during work or study isn’t fully understood—most likely because there isn’t a definitive answer. Some people will show better performance with silence, and others will find that music can improve their focus.

This again simply serves to demonstrate that we’re all different, and that’s a good thing. If you’re the kind of person who likes to listen to music during work or study, the last thing you want is to feel soreness in your ears or constantly having your earbuds pop out—or your earplugs, as many students have found that complete noise cancellation during important tests is helpful.

However you use these kinds of products, they should be working for you and not the other way around. We live in an era of choice, and statements like “I’ll make it work” or “it’s not that bad…” no longer need to be a part of our vocabulary when it comes to our earbuds and earplugs.

It sounds like such a small thing, but until you try it for yourself, the convenience and overall improvement of your listening experience can’t be overstated.

How Can You Use Decibullz?

In the earbud and earplug industry, “one size fits all” has been one of the most inaccurate marketing statements to ever be made—until now.

The unique thermoplastic technology behind Decibullz products means that you can shape earbuds and earplugs to your ears, which as we’ve learned are incredibly unique.

Isn’t it about time we started embracing what makes us different?