My Workout My Music

Jan 12, 2018

My Workout My Music

For most people, music is a critical component of a successful workout. Even if you love lacing up your shoes and hitting the trail or spending time in the gym, some workouts are tougher than others and come with moments that are seriously challenging. Your favorite music can help you get through the lowest of the lows and enjoy the highest of the highs, all while you train to become healthier, stronger and fitter.

It's Your Time

Whether you run for fun, for competition or just to get out there and move, there's no denying that running is a valuable form of self-care. It's taking time for yourself in the midst of a busy day and making a proactive statement that your needs and your health are important and deserving of attention.

Your workout is also time you can use to decompress from anything in your life that might be causing you stress. Exercise increases endorphin production -- the runner's high -- and helps shift your focus to the physical task at hand. Combine that effect with listening to your favorite playlist or podcast, and your workout may leave you more relaxed, more focused and in a better mood than when you started.

Music Makes a Difference

Along with making you feel better, music can make your exercise sessions more productive. Partially because of its distracting effect, music reduces your perceived effort level and can boost your endurance by as much as 15 percent.

If you want to exercise harder or increase your power output, queue up a playlist featuring songs with rapid, driving beats. Humans have a natural tendency to move along with the beat of a song, so if you're cycling, running or doing any other type of repetitive movement, you're likely to try to match the beat of what you're playing and exercise more intensely than you would have without music.

Comfort Is Key

If you're a regular runner, you likely know about the discomfort that comes from running with giant, over-the-ear headphones or earbuds that don't stay in place, aren't sweat-proof or dig into your ears. When exercising with music, the ideal is to feel as if you're not wearing earbuds at all. In practice, however, that can be hard to achieve.

Getting custom-molded earphones is one way to make sure you'll never have to worry about that kind of discomfort again. Decibullz buds are formed to the exact shape of your ears, resulting in custom-fit buds that never hurt and never fall out, no matter how tough your workout gets. You mold them yourself by simply heating up the molds, fitting them to your ears and then letting them cool. It's easy, and if you screw up or find that a different shape is more comfortable, you can refit the buds as many times as you need. They're compatible with your iPhone, smartphone or other music player, so it's simple to just hook up your cord and jam.

Playing music during your workout offers too many great benefits for you to put up with silence, uncomfortable earbuds or whatever your gym decides to blast over the speakers. Decibullz are the number-one custom earphones on the market due to their amazing sound quality, affordable price and ease of use. Give them a try with your next workout!