Ear Protection for Musicians

Hearing damage is an occupational hazard for many musicians — the prolonged exposure to amplified music can take a heavy toll on the ears. Traditionally, musicians relied on monitors on stage to project the sound they were producing back to them so they could hear what they were playing.
Advancements in technology have led to the development of a type of ear protectors for musicians called in-ear monitors (IEMs) that serve a dual purpose of sound monitoring and hearing protection. The most effective earphones for musicians provide a custom fit that ensures they remain securely in place during a performance.


Decibullz Offers High-Quality Earbuds for Musicians

Decibullz ear protection solutions include innovative headphones for musicians that provide the ultimate combination of style, comfort, noise isolation and excellent sound quality. Our unique thermo-fit products can easily be molded to provide the perfect fit for every ear.

You can quickly and easily mold the earbuds simply by heating the thermoplastic earpieces in hot water, allowing the mold to cool, placing the mold in your ear and shaping it with your finger. We offer the only re-moldable custom earplugs on the market — you can repeat the shaping process as often as necessary to achieve and maintain the ideal fit.


We Also Offer Custom-Molded Earplugs for Musicians

There may be times when musicians wish to block out noise without monitoring the sound levels. Decibullz also offers custom-fit earplugs for musicians that are up to the challenge. Our earplugs provide effective hearing protection for musicians at up to 31 dB, along with superior noise isolation capabilities. As with our earphones, our heat-and-shape earplugs are also easily re-moldable.


Award-Winning Products That Meet the Highest Quality Standards

Our industry-best earphones and earplugs for musicians have received numerous awards over the years. Our earphones were voted the best earphones of 2015 by Reviewed.com and USA Today. Our earphones also earned prestigious Consumer Electronics Show Innovation awards in 2015. We believe that our sincere commitment to quality has helped us attain these accolades. All our products undergo rigorous third-party testing to verify their comfort, performance, and fit.


Affordable Hearing Protection for Musicians

While traditional hearing protection products can cost hundreds of dollars or more, our earbuds and earplugs are priced to fit just about any budget. Do you need affordable hearing protection for the entire band? You can also reduce your costs even more by taking advantage of our free shipping for orders greater than $50.