OSHA Earplugs -Hearing Protection for Manufacturing

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Hearing Protection for Manufacturing

The machines found in many manufacturing plants are equipped with noisy components such as rotors, fans, engines, and gears. Over time, the constant exposure to this machinery takes a heavy toll on workers’ hearing.

According to the data from the NIOSH Occupational Hearing Loss Surveillance Project, approximately 14% of noise-exposed manufacturing workers experience some form of hearing impairment. Effective hearing protection for manufacturing workers is critical for hearing loss prevention. With Decibullz custom molded earplugs, you can be confident that your hearing is protected.


Comfortable, Customizable Earplugs for Manufacturing

The continuous use of earplugs can significantly reduce the risk of hearing loss in a manufacturing facility. Decibullz offers top-quality earplugs that provide the ideal combination of noise isolation, fit, and comfort. Our custom earpieces are more comfortable, more secure, and isolate more noise than any competing hearing protection product. You can mold custom earplugs in just a few minutes by heating the pliable thermoplastic earpieces, allowing them to cool, placing the mold in you ear, and shaping them with your fingers. The molding process can be repeated as often as necessary without affecting the integrity of the thermoplastic material.

Earplugs for Manufacturing That Provide the Perfect Fit

When it comes to ensuring maximum hearing protection for manufacturing workers, traditional “one-size-fits-all” earplugs won’t get the job done. Since ear shapes vary from person to person, it’s important to wear custom earplugs that are shaped to the unique size and contours of your ear. Made from moldable thermoplastic material, Decibullz earplugs allow you to easily custom create a comfortable, form-fitting earplug in just a few minutes.








Earplugs for your workplace

Manufacturing jobs require frequent movement such as bending and lifting. All of this activity can cause a poorly fitted earplug to come loose or even fall out. Heavy perspiration can also impact earplug fit. Decibullz earplugs are custom molded, meaning they will maintain the perfect fit even in the most challenging work environments. With Decibullz, you’ll never have to worry about your earplugs slipping or falling out in the middle of the job.

"“Made in the USA, comfortable to wear, and very effective protection. It's rare to find all three of those criteria met in one product but Decibullz nailed it."

- Chris G.