How Decibullz Work



The Decibullz Earpieces are made of a unique thermoplastic that softens in hot water. Once soft the earpieces lose temperature rapidly while remaining moldable. This allows them to be safely placed into the ear and shaped with your finger. Shaping the earpieces is easy and they can even be re-molded if necessary.



Once heated and allowed to cool for 30 seconds the Decibullz earpieces are ready for shaping. Just insert the mold into your ear and use your finger to shape the earpiece. The mold will be warm and pliable, it feels really nice.

Note: Do not place the earpieces into your ear if it is hot. Wait until it is warm and soft.



Because Decibullz products are custom fit to your ears they can do things other earplugs and earphones can only dream of. Finally products that can keep up with you no matter what you are up to. From jumping out of an airplane to relaxing at the local coffee shop Decibullz will stay put and stay comfortable.