Guide to Audio Streaming Services

Jan 12, 2018

Everyone at Decibullz Custom Audio are music fanatics. It's in our blood, so it's not surprising that we love streaming music to find new tunes and enjoy old favorites. There is, however, a debate about which streaming service is really the best. To help you choose the music streaming service that's right for you, we have put together a comparison that will make it easy to compare the pros and cons of each.


Price: Free with ads or $4.99 per month without ads It's hard to believe that Pandora has been around since 2000. It was one of the very first streaming services, which could explain why people in their 30s sing its praises. Of course, being first isn't the only reason to listen. Pros
  • Free accounts
  • Newly released music
  • A good recommendation engine
  • It doesn't let you create playlists
  • You don't get unlimited skips, even with a Premium account
  • I've never heard any live content on it (other than official releases)
Conclusion It's a solid service and a great free option but it also falls short in a few areas.

Apple Music

Price: $9.99 for an individual or $14.99 for a family Apple Music isn't our top pick, but there are some good features to mention. Pros
  • Gives you access over 30 million streaming songs
  • Uses music recommendations from humans as well as an algorithm
  • Poor user interface difficult to use and navigate.
  • Forces you to stop what you're doing to search for songs
Conclusion  The poor user interface is a deal breaker for us. Still, $9.99 per month for a library with 30 million songs definitely has something to offer.


Price: $9.99 per month for TIDAL Premium or $19.99 per month for TIDAL HiFi As far as w know, TIDAL HiFi is the only lossless streaming service. The high-quality files really stand out when you use Decibullz custom fit earbuds. The earphones fit perfectly to block outside noise and help the music sound as it was intended. Pros
  • HD music videos
  • Easy-to-use apps
  • Strong features that help you find music
  • Live streaming concerts
  • Very high $19.99 per month cost
  • Limited song library
Conclusion The obvious downside to TIDAL is that you'll pay $19.99 a month for a WiFi membership. However Tidal does offer the best audio quality of all the streaming services.


Price: Free with ads or $9.99 per month without ads Spotify is the most popular streaming service around Decibullz HQ and is currently the most popular of the streaming services. Pros
  • Create playlists with other members
  • Read lyrics of songs you're listening to
  • Listen to some albums before they're officially released
  • Catalog gaps from artists like Taylor Swift and Price
  • Free service has lot's of commercials
  • Low audio quality streaming (unless using a premium account)
Conclusion Spotify is a great option for most people however the gaps in it's catalog and low quality audio may be a turn off for some users. No matter what streaming music service you choose be sure you're listening your music using quality headphones for maximum comfort and enjoyment.