Earphones for Fitness

If you enjoy listening to your favorite music as you work out or participate in sports, you’ve probably had a bad experience with earphones or earbuds at some point. Maybe you’ve had difficulty keeping them in your ear as you run, jump or engage in any type of strenuous activity.

Sweating is another issue that causes earphones to slip out of place. It’s also possible that your earphones weren’t fitted properly, which made them extremely uncomfortable from the first time you wore them. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with ill-fitting,

The good news is that you don’t have to put up with ill-fitting, uncomfortable earphones any longer. Decibullz offers sturdy, stylish earphones for athletes and fitness enthusiasts that provide the perfect fit you’ve been looking for.

Our custom headphones for sports are specifically designed with athletes in mind — whether your activity is running, biking skiing, weightlifting, hiking or anything else that requires movement, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable, slip-free fit — along with the excellent audio quality you demand..


Custom Molded Headphones for Athletes

What makes our earbuds for athletes so different from traditional earbuds is their ability to be molded to the exact shape of the user’s ears. They’re made from high-quality thermoplastic that softens when heated, allowing you to mold the material with ease. You can complete the entire molding process in just a few minutes — without having to visit an audiologist. Ours are also the only re-moldable earphones for athletes on the market. You can keep molding them until you attain the ideal fit.


What Are the Advantages of Wearing Custom-Molded Earbuds for Sports?

Our custom earpieces are more comfortable, more secure and isolate noise better than any competing product. They contain no pressure points that could result in discomfort during vigorous physical activity. The fact that they are custom-molded to your ear results in completely sweat-proof headphones for athletes that will not slip as you perspire. This makes them the perfect wireless earbuds for running. Our earplugs also have this sweat/waterproof nature, making them excellent custom-molded earplugs for swimmers. Our earbuds are also easy to clean — you can remove perspiration after a workout simply by wiping them with rubbing alcohol, rinsing them with water, applying and rinsing soap and allowing the earbuds to dry.

Our Earbuds Have Been Tested by Athletes

Decibullz products have been tested by Olympic gymnasts and other world-class athletes — and have received rave reviews for their ability to stay in the ear during competitions. Our custom-fitted earphones for athletes have received numerous Consumer Electronics Show Innovation awards and were also voted the best earphone of 2015 by USA Today and Reviewed.com.