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We could go on and on about how great Decibullz® Custom Earphones are, but what really matters is what our customers think. Here are some real testimonials from real people who decided to give Decibullz® a try:

“I’ve tried them all. These are the best! I use them with Jay birds. I went thru the process of forming them for one ear. That took me 2 times. Then the other ear was 1 time! I am definitely buying a couple more as spares. Thanks”

“I ordered these on March 24, 2015 received them on March 28th. They were very easy to mold based on the video I am using bluebird headphones. I have run about 15 miles with them. I have used them from 50 to 80 degree weather and have had 0 issues. They now fit in my ears without falling out, intact you don’t even notice them. Excellent product!”

“Wow! I am so pleased with my custom molded earbud adapters. I bought some high dollar earbuds to plug into my in-ear monitor I use while drumming with my band. They were never comfortable and kept falling out in the middle of the show. Problem solved thanks to you folks and at a fraction of the cost of the really professional rigs. I’m ordering more. Thanks so much!”

“My search is over for the perfect fit. I have tried many headsets that either fit and sounded terrible or sounded great and didn’t fit just right. With Decibullz Custom Molded Earphones all I have to worry about is finding great sound. I was so happy with these molds, I went online and ordered 2 more!”

“I just wanted to say that I love your Custom Earphone Adapters. I’ve been using a set for a few months now but I forgot them yesterday so I used my old ear buds all day. WOW did I miss my Decibullz! I can’t believe I went so long in actual pain from my headphones before I found your great product. THANK YOU!”

” Just wanted to let you know I really love the Decibullz, just got them and they fit perfect and sound amazing!”

“I have been using my Decibullz earphones quite often and have to say that they are very comfortable and the best pair of earphones I have ever owned.”

“These are awesome earbud adaptors! I have some Beats earbuds that never have been comfortable for me – with their weight and size they don’t fit my ear well and won’t stay in despite trying aftermarket tips of various sizes. Decibullz adapters solved that problem. The earbuds are now comfortable, and they really don’t come out. Even while exercising. The best thing is they don’t become uncomfortable after wearing them a while. Even the most comfortable earbuds can eventually become uncomfortable, but not these! Highly recommended!”

“Incredible set of ear buds!!!!! Took the time to read the instructions and absolutely no problems getting them in on the first try. Very rich sounds including the bass. Very nice combination, very nice!”

“Molded my Bullz a few days ago and have been running with them two days now. They have yet to fall out and feel secure in my ears. Only headphones I’ve ever owned that have not fallen out. Thank you for following through on a great product, by far exceeded my expectations!”

“Got my Decibullz a couple days ago, and I love them. I constantly spent time trying to re-adjust my ear pieces before, running from subway to subway, but they always stay in my ears and sound great. The mic control is awesome – the fact that you can just press it a few times and it does a variety of things is just stellar. Very pleased with this result!”

“I love my molds. Thank you so much. I was able to get a good fit in both ears. Can’t wait to put some miles on them.”

“Just got my earphone. looks, feels and sounds great… the mold feel weird at first, but i think it need getting used to.”

“Received and liking a lot so far. Followed the included directions and didn’t have any issues. Sound is excellent and so far the fit is great. Love the fact that I can remold if I end up with a sore spot. Unless there are durability issues down the road somewhere I’d say these are an excellent product at a great price.”

“This is the first pair of earbuds I’ve ever used that I actually like. They are comfortable, and the sound is solid. Additionally, I was not prepared for how quiet the world around me would become. I’ve had noise-cancelling headphones before, but with these on, I really can’t hear a thing. It was actually really unsettling at first, haha.

“These are incredible so far; well done!”

“Bullz dropped today, they mold like bubble gum and harden to plaster. Only took a few minutes to shape to my hearing holes. Plugged in a Maya Jane Coles remix set and got after it. They thump great, block outside racket and the in-line remote and mic are a nice touch.”

“These are awesome headphones! Until now I always had issues finding headphones that would stay in my ears! These mold amazingly and they fit comfortably.”

“After my dog ate my custom $200+ dollar headphones I had for 5 years I wanted a quicker and affordable solution. My ears are very tiny and regular earbuds are painful. After getting these and following the instructions I have to say I am more than very happy with decibullz!!! They are comfortable and great sounding.”

“I really like the product,the case the multiple uses it has. Once the molds are set & you plug in your favorite tune it’s awesome! Plus they DO NOT come out the real test will be when I ride my Harley, but I’m sure they will stay in & keep the tunes rolling! Pun intended.”

“I ordered them in March and it was worth the wait. I have purchased a lot of different headphones from Bose to Skullcandy and none of them produce great bass and clear highs. The worst part is they fall out… Like constantly. These things rock! Hit low, snap high and just plain sound amazing! Best part… If you take the time to pick the right tip and mold them right the first time, they’re perfect and stay in place. For those skeptics, listening to music while you molds them really helps get them right.”

“I put these on a pair of Jaybird Bluebuds X, they made them secure and they are comfortable. It took some time to get used to the molding procedure, but once you get it straight then everything works seamlessly.”

“They mold easily and are very comfortable… So far I am happy”

“I have been waiting a while for these headphones to hit the market, and boy were they worth the wait. They were so easy to mold. I used my Keurig for the hot water. I have used these on my lawnmower to my motorcycle, and they sounded amazing without moving an inch. Would buy these again, and already planning to gift some away.”