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Earplugs for Shooters

Recreational and target shooting continues to be a popular pastime in shooting ranges across the USA. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, approximately 19 million Americans participate in target shooting with handguns, shotguns and rifles, and trap shooting is one of the fastest growing high school sports. In addition to developing good gun safety habits, gun users should wear proper shooting range ear protection to prevent hearing loss caused by the repeated loud noise of a firing weapon.

Earplugs can provide effective ear protection for shooters — assuming they fit properly. Decibullz offers custom-fit earplugs for shooters that can be molded to the exact shape of the user’s ear. Unlike traditional “one-size-fits-all” earplugs that tend to slip out of place, our custom-molded earplugs for shooters provide a comfortable, secure fit that ensures they won’t fall out.


Our Revolutionary DIY Heat-and-Shape Earplugs for Shooters

Our shooting earplugs are made from a pliable, high-quality thermoplastic material that is easy to mold to your ears. Simply place the earpieces in a cup of hot water to soften the material, then allow them to cool for about 30 seconds. Place the cooled mold in your ear and use your finger to shape it until you attain the perfect fit. You can complete the entire fitting process yourself in less than five minutes — no need to waste time and money visiting an audiologist.

The Only Re-Moldable Earplugs for Shooters on the Market

Decibullz Custom Molded Earplugs are easily and quickly fitted to the exact shape of your ear. This creates a perfect fitting, low-profile earplug that will never hurt, never fall out and provide superior noise isolation.


    heat with warm water




    Secure Comfortable Fit

Secure Comfortable Fit
Secure Comfortable Fit
Secure Comfortable Fit

You Get Reliable Shooting Hearing Protection

In addition to the custom-fit, our shooting earplugs provide excellent noise isolation for maximum hearing protection. They also undergo intensive third-party laboratory testing to ensure they meet our high standards for quality, performance, ease of use and comfort.

No wonder our top-rated earplugs are the preferred choice of target shooters, as well as Olympic athletes, construction and manufacturing workers, musicians, concert attendees and anyone else who needs reliable ear protection at an affordable price.

"In 43 years of shooting these are the most comfortable and effective hearing protection devices that I have ever used."

- Dennis G.