Custom Hearing Protection for Hunter Safety

Jan 12, 2018

Protect to Enjoy™

It’s that time of year: the wild is calling, and many are gearing up for hunting season. Yet hunting comes with its own challenges, and it’s important to be fully prepared before heading into the forest. Hunting requires proper gear, including quality hearing protection, along with skills and practice. And can be dangerous if not taken seriously.

Before you open the gear closet, you’ll need to know what you’re hunting (deer, elk, turkey, or others) and have the appropriate licenses, locations, and dates. Every state has its own rules and regulations when it comes to hunting, so do your research and make the proper arrangements.

It’s also very important to take a hunter’s safety course before you head out on your first hunt. Or to brush up on your knowledge if you’re an experienced hunter before you even get ready to pack your bags. Remember, safety first! 

Check all of your weapons to ensure they’re well maintained, clean, and in good condition. Know how to use your equipment and to have practiced recently. Practicing at the range beforehand will help you improve your shot, so you don’t miss when it really counts.

Equipment Check

Now you’re ready to look at your equipment. Any experienced hunter will have a checklist to pack, and at the top of that list is safety equipment! Safety equipment includes clothing in orange, like a mesh vest or cap. It also includes appropriate clothing for your area. In many parts of the country where hunting is popular (like Colorado), weather can change quickly. So you’ll want to ensure you have layers to stay warm and dry, including long underwear and windproof jackets. Check the weather before you head out. And pack extra when in doubt. It may be a cliche, but it’s true: better safe than sorry.

Quality footwear is also key to a safe, comfortable hunting trip as you’ll likely be trekking many miles. You'll want a comfortable pair of boots and extra socks to stay comfortable and prevent blisters and other annoying foot issues that can slow you down.

While traveling, a hard case is highly recommended to carry your gun when not in use for the safest transportation.

Even if you’re a seasoned hunter, if you’re heading to a new location, a GPS device can be very helpful. At the very least, ensure you have your maps and compass (and know how to use them!) so you can find your way back to camp and home safely.

Many hunting websites offer general checklists to get you started as you prepare for your adventure. As you’re preparing for your trip, take advantage of all the information that’s available.


Hearing Protection: Protect to Enjoy™

Another piece of safety gear that’s often neglected is a quality set of earplugs. It’s important to Protect to Enjoy™.  A gunshot creates 140dB of sound, and the number one cause of hearing loss is being exposed to sounds 85dB or higher. In fact, permanent hearing loss can occur instantly when ears are exposed to firearms without protection.

Decibullz Custom Molded Earplugs are easily and quickly fitted to the exact shape of your ear for a perfect-fitting reusable earplug. So you can enjoy a customized earplug that won’t hurt or fall out as it provides the necessary noise isolation and hearing protection! When it comes to comfort and convenience, Decibullz custom fit hearing protection is superior to traditional over-the-ear muff-style hearing protection.

Whether you’re new to hunting or enjoy an annual trip, ensure you’re fully prepared for what you might encounter in the woods.