Contour Custom Fit Earphones


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Easily and quickly molded to the exact shape of your ears, Decibullz custom earphones create a perfect fit that will never hurt and never fall out. Our Double Seal Technology ensures superior noise isolation and sound quality. Shaping the Decibullz thermoplastic molds is easy! Simply heat the molds in hot water, snap them onto the earphones, and shape them to your ears. When done you will have a perfect fitting earphone made just for you! Decibullz are also re-moldable so you can keep molding them until you get the exact fit you are looking for. Decibullz were created so you can take your music with you no matter what you're doing. Whether it's running, working out, or relaxing at the cafe Decibullz allow you to listen to what you love while doing what you love. Includes:

  • One set of Decibullz Custom Molds (left & right)
  • Decibullz Contour Earphones with Single Button Remote and Microphone
  • Double Flange Silicone Canal Tips S/M/L
  • Decibullz Premium Carrying Case



  • I had very high hopes


    I'm very sorry to say that these earphones did not meet my expectations at all. I had such high hopes and was so excited to order them. The sound quality is the pits, but at least they do what they say --- stay put through vigorous exercise. AT FIRST. Sadly, after the first few uses, the earpieces began constantly popping off the earphone, leaving the silicone bud inside my ear and the earpiece flying! I put up with these because I wanted to love this product. Unfortunately, after about 2 months of less-than-daily use, the right earphone just died. When I contacted customer service about a refund or replacement, I was told I would have to pay out of pocket to ship the headphones ONLY --- so not the earpieces that were popping off --- to the US. There would be no guarantee the product would be replaced --- just tested". After investing over $50 in something that lasted less than two months

    - Melissa S. on Jun 6, 2017

  • Fit is superb, the fitting process was not difficult.


    Fit is superb, the fitting process was not difficult.

    - Dusan D. on Jun 6, 2017