You Can't Be Too Careful with Your Hearing: Tips and Safety Warnings for Your Decibullz

Posted by Colleen Boyd on Jun 13, 2019

One of the best features about Decibullz hearing protection is that all products are molded at home, by you. This do-it-yourself process makes perfect fitting hearing protection easy, affordable and accessible to everyone.

We want you to have the best experience possible and to do that, we must give you as much information as possible, including the safety warnings. As with any product, warnings help to keep you safe. We want to make sure you get the most secure and safe outcome possible so you can enjoy the things you love, longer. 

Before Molding:

Before you begin molding your own set of Decibullz, there are a few things to keep in mind. A poor fit or any kind of misuse could not only reduce the effectiveness but injure your hearing. For example, intentionally molding them poorly or leaving out the back plugs reduce and eliminate hearing protection. Make sure to properly mold your Decibullz hearing protection and only use them for intended purposes.

Not only do we want to keep you safe, but we also want to protect those around you. All Decibullz products contain small parts like foam tips and back plugs. Since they are potentially choking hazards, keep all product parts away from small children and pets.

During Molding:

In order for the thermoplastic molds to soften, they must sit in boiling water for 5 minutes. Once your thermoplastic molds have been softening in the water and they are ready to take out, use extreme caution. The molds with be very hot. Along those same lines, never put a hot mold into your ear. Always wait until it is warm and pliable. In order to test the temperature, we recommend quickly touching the mold to your cheek. 

After Molding:

Once you’ve completed the molding process and your Decibullz are hard, feel free to take them out of your ears. We highly recommend trying out different sizes and combinations of tips to ensure that you are getting the best sound isolating seal possible. Keep in mind that there may be size and shape differences between your left and right ear. Like we always say, ears are weird. Whether both ears use the same size of tips, or two different sizes, be sure to find the combination that protects you best.

Before Full Time Use:

Now that you are happy with your molding and have selected the perfect tip combination, there are a few more steps before full time use.

To ensure that you get the greatest protection, thoroughly inspect your foam and silicone tips for any tears or cracks. If you spot any, replace your tips before you use your hearing protection.

Before you’re exposed the loud noise, it is extremely important to test the seal and protection of your hearing protection. In order to test this, talk out loud while wearing your Decibullz. The sound of your own voice should become deeper, hollow or muffled in BOTH ears. If the change is not in both ears or there is no change at all, you have not achieved a secure seal. In this case, the best thing to do is remold your hearing protection. Simply follow the remolding instructions provided with your Decibullz product.

Once you are confident in the seal, slowly enter the loud environment or gradually expose yourself to the loud noise. Make sure you do not experience any irritation or ringing in your ears.


Since Decibullz creates such a secure seal in the ear, we recommend removing them slowly when you are done using your hearing protection. This way you will break the seal gradually and avoid any ear drum damage.


Another big warning we want to mention is excessive heat. If your Decibullz are exposed to direct sunlight or temperatures about 150 °F, the molds could soften or melt. This can potentially occur when they are left in a hot car or outside in the sun. Once melted, it can be very difficult to reshape.

If you ever have questions regarding any Decibullz products or the molding process, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. Found at, we are more than happy to help.

That’s it! No matter what you are using your Decibullz for, we hope you have a safe and wonderful experience.