The Best Tech Christmas Gifts From Decibullz

The Best Tech Christmas Gifts From Decibullz

Nov 28, 2019

4 Great Tech Gifts for Men, Women, and Teens of All Ages

You can call them small tech gifts, gifts for tech people, or even unusual tech gifts, but at Decibullz, we simply like to call them gifts for the ones you love. After all, your hearing is one and done, so protecting those you care about, dare we say, is really the greatest gift of all.

And on a far less sappy note, these are also great gifts for one’s self. Are you an electronics junkie, an audiophile, or someone who simply appreciates comfort, isolation, and superior sound quality when they listen to music and podcasts? Then you’re in luck, because the gadgets listed below were designed just for you…

True Wireless Headphones

Our latest tech gift for the active lifestyle and all music lovers

True Wireless is the first moldable, truly wireless earphones that form to the unique shape of your ears. Simply heat the molds in water and press them into your ears for a perfect fit that won’t fall out or become uncomfortable. These earphones also feature award-winning sound engineering, Bluetooth 5.0, and a long battery life.

Season of Sound Info

Normal Price: $179.99

Season of Sound Deal: 15% Off

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AirPods®/EarPods Ear Hooks

A cool gadget gift for the Apple lovers out there – which is a lot!

Our moldable AirPods Ear Hooks keep your Apple AirPods (and EarPods) secure and comfortable. Simply heat the moldable ear hooks in hot water, snap them on your AirPods and shape them to your ears. Not only do they match the Apple white color, they are compatible with AirPods 1, AirPods 2, and EarPods.

Season of Sound Info

Normal Price: $19.99

Season of Sound Deal: 15% Off

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High Fidelity Earplugs

Give the gift of hearing protection for musicians & concertgoers

Both our High-Fidelity Earplugs and Professional HiFi Filters have a tuned and flat attenuation that reduces all frequencies by approximately the same level. This makes them perfect for musicians, professional audio engineers, and anyone else who requires extreme sound accuracy. Or, for those looking for a solid concert-going experience.

Season of Sound Info

Professional High-Fidelity Filters Pack

Normal Price: $99.99

Season of Sound Deal: BOGO & Get a 2nd Set of Filters + a Lanyard

Earplug Pro-Pack

NRR 31 earplugs + carrying pouch + lanyard

With an NRR of 31, this Pro-Pack is one of the best tech Christmas gifts for family members and friends who work around loud machinery on a regular basis. Plus, the Pro-Pack delivers everything needed for a seamless user experience, including moldable earplugs, a detachable lanyard, and our premium carrying case — all for one low price!

Season of Sound Info

Normal Price: $42.00

Season of Sound Deal: $26.99

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As you can see from above, there are plenty of great deals for men, women, and teens heading your way, particularly into some red and white stockings. I mean, fingers crossed.

Just make sure to check back during our Season of Sound as this page updates with the latest and greatest gift ideas for tech lovers and hearing aficionados. That’s a thing, right? If not, it is now!