How to Take Care of Your Headphones

Posted by Joe Herb on Jan 10, 2018

How to Take Care of Your Headphones

When you invest in a pair of customized, top-quality earbuds or headphones, you owe it to yourself to keep them in tiptop shape. Unfortunately, too many people put protecting earbuds on the bottom of their “to do” lists.

Instead of simply thinking that you’ll buy new ear gear to replace your current models, learn how to take care of earbuds and headphones. Not only will you have them for longer periods of time, but they’ll also work better during use.

Cleaning Tips for Earbuds and Headphones

Your headphones and earbuds are bound to get dirty thanks to normal wear and tear, not to mention earwax. But you don’t need anything too special to clean them off.

To clean headphones, you’ll want to first arm yourself with a soft cloth. You can wet the soft cloth and add a bit of soap, but remember that water doesn’t mix well with electric components. Be sure the cloth is simply a little damp. Then, wipe off all the exposed parts. Worried about the soapy water? Use a baby wipe instead. If any items are removable, take them off and clean and dry them separately, then put the headphones back together.

To clean earbuds, do the same thing but focus on taking off the silicone heads on the ear pieces. Clean them as thoroughly as you can — even use a dry (unused) toothbrush to get into the crevices. You can use the toothbrush to unclog the actual earbuds if they are filled with wax.

Be sure to allow your equipment to air dry before using again.

Storing Your Earbuds and Headphones

Storage is a big problem for many people who just toss their earbuds and headphones aside or stuff them into purses and gym bags. A smarter solution is to have a separate carrying case for these apparatuses.

Even though it can take time, always untangle and neatly wrap cords and cables. That way, they’ll be less likely to fray or stop working in the middle of your workout or favorite tunes.

Reducing Damage to Earbuds and Headphones

Some of the more common damages reported by earbud and headphone users include problems with cords and reduced or nonexistent sounds. These can often be the result of unintended damage to the unit.

The best way to mitigate the likelihood of permanently damaging earbuds and headphones is with proper use. For instance, if they aren’t meant to be worn in inclement weather, don’t use them during a rainy run. Similarly, they shouldn’t be left in your car for hours on a sweltering summer day.

Taking just a few precautions will ensure that you get the most mileage possible out of your earbuds and headphones. And that turns you into a happier listener!