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Decibullz® Custom-Molded Earplugs At

Jan 12, 2018

Decibullz ( custom-molded earplugs can now be found online at These earpieces are easily and quickly fitted to the exact ear shape to create a perfect fit. While custom-fit ear protection is superior for noise isolation, comfort, and fit, these types of products are typically expensive, requiring a visit to a qualified audiologist.

“Decibullz custom-molded earplugs ( are different because they are thermo-molded by customers in the comfort of their own homes,” explains inventor and CEO of Decibullz, Kyle Kirkpatrick. “Because of the custom mold, Decibullz are designed to never hurt, never fall out, and provide superior noise isolation.”

Decibullz provide one of the highest Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR) of custom earplugs available today, at 31 dB, making them useful for anyone interested in hearing protection, including those who are in manufacturing, construction, mining, music, and numerous other professions as well as shooters, travelers, concert-goers, and more. “Our Decibullz earplugs are becoming one of our top-selling products. Both DIY and professional home improvement uses are a logical extension for the market,” adds Kirkpatrick, “because of the potentially damaging effects of longer sessions with saws, sanders, and even the common lawnmower.”

Now Available on

As of Friday, August 19, Decibullz are now available on Menards began as a family owned company back in 1958 and now has more than 280 stores specializing in home improvement throughout the U.S. “We’re genuinely excited to be partnering with Menards, a leader in home improvement,” adds Ben Tedford, VP of New Business Development at Decibullz.

To mold the Decibullz earplugs, simply heat the Decibullz thermoplastic molds in boiling water, let them cool for a bit, and shape them to the ear. Unlike any other customized earpiece, Decibullz are re-moldable, so if users don’t get the perfect fit the first time, they can easily try again until they get it right.

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