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5 Ways to Take Care of Your Ears and Prevent Hearing Loss

Posted by Joe Herb on Jan 10, 2018

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Ears and Prevent Hearing Loss

No one wants to lose their hearing, but it happens far too frequently. And it’s not always because of naturally declining hearing ability. Hearing loss occurs just as often from poor hearing health habits, including limited or bad ear protection.

It only takes repeated exposure to sounds of 85 decibels or higher to start damaging the ear. Such sounds include anything like thunderclaps, motorcycles and live rock music.

The good news is that there are proven ways to prevent hearing loss. Below are five habits for good ear health that will keep you on the prevention side of this troubling issue.

1. Turn Down the Tunes

Yeah, mom was right — again! You really should be turning down your music, especially when you’re wearing headphones or earbuds. After all, they’re sending the sound straight into your ear without any filters. Keep the sound at an acceptable level. Eventually, you’ll pay the price if you keep listening to loud music.

2. Wear Protective Earbuds

Protective ear gear means getting custom-fit buds and similar items, not running to your local retailer and buying what’s on sale. Customized ear protection provides a tight fit and is a must-have whether you’re heading to a concert or working in an environment with loud sounds.

3. Drive with the Windows Up

Have you ever noticed that when you drive with the windows down you’re bombarded by sounds? That noise level might not seem deafening, but it can lead to hearing loss over time. Want to protect your ears for good? Keep the windows up and turn on the A/C.

4. Talk to Your Doctor

Even if you have only a slight ringing in your ears or tend to turn up the volume on your television, you could be experiencing the beginning of hearing loss. Take a trip to your physician for a referral to an audiologist or contact one on your own. It’s better to get information sooner rather than waiting until things get worse.

5. Opt for Quieter Environments

Is your household a constant barrage of intense sound, from the lawn mower to your teen’s music blaring from the speaker? Remove yourself from the noise on a regular basis or wear ear protection indoors. Treat your ears well and encourage others in your household to do likewise.

Being able to hear the tiniest sounds is a gift that we should never take lightly. Always focus on shielding your ears from harm whenever possible. Not only will you feel better about your overall health and wellness, but you’ll also never have to worry that you’re missing something in a conversation or on the radio.