Posted by Decibullz on Apr 22, 2021

When you have the right PPE for the job, the benefits keep rolling in. Just like a helmet protects from injury and safety goggles save your eyesight, earplugs are essential items for industrial workspaces and the employees within them. However, not all ear protection is created equal.

Unlike the expensive custom earplugs of the past or the short-term foam inserts found scattered on many production floors, Decibullz Custom Moldable Earplugs are designed for the long term. Long-term safety, long-term convenience, and long-term savings for your bottom line.

For those in a hurry, here are the benefits of Decibullz custom hearing protection.



You know how it goes: you buy a bunch of “noise blocking” earplugs for your team, they pop them in and go about their business. Best case scenario, they stay in all day and don’t cause discomfort. In actuality, you watch your team fidget with them, twist them this way and that, drop them onto the dirty production floor, smudge them with greasy fingers, and lose them to one of the many nooks and crannies in the warehouse. So, they grab another pair and continue on with the struggle. Rinse and repeat over and over and over.

Not with Decibullz. With these custom earplugs for work, employees will find a fit that matches their ear cavity and inner canal – and theirs alone. The result is a secure fit they don’t have to worry about when the focus should be on the job at-hand. Plus, Decibullz noise reduction earplugs come in various colors for high-visibility and offer the highest NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) for your money. While many earplugs do a passable job with low- to mid-range NRR decibel levels, our custom hearing protection is able to deliver a higher NRR thanks to the way they shape to ear canals and close off noise entry points.

By delivering a high NRR, your employees can start protecting their long-term ear health right away. Unlike other organs, our hearing is one and done, so ensuring they don’t take consistent damage from loud noises at work is essential to their life-long health.

You don’t have to just take it from us, though. There are entire articles written to the benefits of proper hearing protection. Like this one from Occupational Health & Safety.


Today, the typical process for custom earplugs goes like this:

  • You work with an audiologist who takes an impression of your ear using silicone/putty/etc.
  • They charge you for that meeting, then ship out the impression to an outside specialist.
  • The specialist eventually receives the impression and fills a cavity with the molding material before shipping it back out.
  • You make another appointment with your audiologist, try it out, then cross your fingers.
  • If it fits, congrats! You pay a few hundred dollars and hold onto those for dear life.
  • If they don’t fit, then you start that process all over again.

Now imagine each and every employee doing this.

But how about recurring costs? With a custom industrial earplug, you can say goodbye to excess packaging, long catalogs, or the need for additional tips at individual rates. With Decibullz, you’ll even save by ordering in bulk for your crew. Orders of 25+ will save you even more when it comes to employee safety.

You can even promote a better off-the-clock life for your employees (and help product adoption) thanks to their ability to accommodate safety in a variety of situations. This promotes better hearing safety overall, while also saving on worker compensation claims when damage occurs during off hours.


Speaking of cost, we can’t talk about custom hearing protection without acknowledging the elephant in the room: foamies. You know, those ones you roll up and shove into your ears. The ones your employees are probably picking up off the floor and shoving back in without a second thought. Sometimes these types of earplugs expand, sometimes not. Sometimes they fit, but most of the time they don’t. This all means you’re buying more for your crew every time budget season comes around.

For manufacturers that are going green and/or making efforts towards sustainability, a custom moldable earplug from Decibullz is the best earplug for industrial use. Over the course of a single year, if you skip the foamie path, you’ll reduce waste by up to 600 pieces per year, PER EMPLOYEE. Protecting the environment and showing your customers that you’re being proactive is as easy as switching what your employees put in their ears.

With one custom earplug taking the place of hundreds of foam earplugs, it’s hard to argue with the savings that come with it.


Re-moldability provides room for trial and error and emergency re-shapes in case of misfortune. After all, the last thing you want is unwanted sounds passing through gaps and defeating the purpose of your hearing protection product.

Plus, with Decibullz custom moldable earplugs, one-size-fits-all. This is possible through our very own Easy Shape System™. Because our earplugs are designed with a universal port built right in, you can swap out the port for headphone cords, filters, a lanyard that easily attaches to allow employees to wear them around their neck when working in a fast-paced environment.

You can even use them with acoustic tube earpieces that offer AWARENESS or ISOLATION. These are designed specifically for two-way radios, are interchangeable with Decibullz Earplugs, and compatible with most communication systems.

You can also think of it as your favorite shoe manufacturer releasing their newest style – but only in one size. And worst of all, it’s not a perfect fit. After a while, your toes start to hurt, your sole is being rubbed raw, and the laces barely meet enough for you to tie a knot.

Now imagine they released the same shoe, but you could choose the lace length, the sole type, even the color, before you even tried them on. This would mean you have the high-quality shoe you want, but it’s also designed just for you. Oh, and these fictional shoes also come with interchangeable soles and laces and all the options you need so as your feet grow or need to adjust after some use, you don’t need to buy and entirely new pair.


Depending on the type of industrial work you perform, a full day can consist of long hours, intense heat, oils and dirt, a fast pace, constant mobility, or any combination of those things. This means that having comfortable earplugs for work is a must. Not to mention, there are probably other required PPE to wear, including earmuffs, helmets, goggles, and general protective headgear. Because Decibullz custom moldable earplugs fit to the shape of your ear canal, they don’t protrude or get caught on nearby objects.

While other forms of hearing protection can create pressure and sharp pains when placed under earmuffs or the like, Decibullz won’t cause any interference. In fact, that’s just one of the many ways they provide comfort to your team… which equals more employees wearing them, less fidgeting, less chance of removal when wearing other PPE, and the list goes on. We also think you’ll agree that comfort is more than just how they feel in your ear. It includes:

  • A quick and easy molding process using just hot water
      - No more expensive and time-consuming audiologist appointments
  • Easy to clean and completely reusable
      - Less chance for cross-contamination or litter on the floors
  • Highest rated custom earpiece at 31 NRR
      - Ensures hearing protection in very loud, industrial environments
  • Secure and comfortable fit for all day use
      - This goes beyond the timeclock and can reduce safety claims
  • Undergo rigorous third-party testing for quality
      - Your safety manager will have peace of mind that the product works

Now if hearing damage has already occurred or you’re looking for ways to improve your hearing, there are apps available today, like Audio Cardio, that work easily with common listening apps to strengthen your hearing through personalized sound therapy that you can easily do once a day.

If you’re tired of worrying about your employee’s hearing safety – especially when it comes to supplying custom earplugs for work in the industrial field – then custom moldable is the way to go. Plus, ears are weird. They deserve a weird shape.