How Do You Embrace the Different?

How Do You Embrace the Different? Decibullz is proud to be different. After all, without recognizing the value and dare we say the beauty of being different, we would have never developed custom-fit earbuds that never hurt and never fall out. One of the...

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Decibullz top rated DIY Thermo-fit Molded Earpieces combined with percussive filter technology. The NEW Decibullz Custom Molded Percussive Filters protect users from the peak sound pressure of gunshots, artillery fire, and explosions, suppressing them to safe levels...

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7 Weird Earbud Facts Music Fans Won’t Believe

There's a handful of things you probably never leave the house without. Whether you're on the way to work, class, or the gym, you probably take one or all of the following: Your wallet. Your phone. Your favorite pair of earbuds. That last one is especially important...

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Superior Noise Isolation for Superior Focus

As a new school year is beginning, students, parents, and teachers are interested in how noise, even in the form of music, can affect focus, study habits, and learning. Is it necessary to block all sound, or can music improve your results? Does noise isolation increase focus?

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Summer Music

Music festivals are especially popular during the summer. In Colorado, we can find a band playing or live music virtually every night of the summer (and many afternoons).

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Hearing Protection Basics

Hearing Protection: Should You Be Using It? Hearing loss is a condition that affects one in 10 people in the U.S., and although the majority of those cases are age-related, there are also many cases that could be avoided with the use of hearing protection. Exposure to...

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