•  Custom Molded Earplugs

    Custom Molded Earplugs

    The only moldable (and re-moldable) earplugs on the market, these are easily and quickly fitted to the exact shape of your ear and deliver an NRR of 31 to ensure noise isolation and hearing protection.

  •  set of foam tips on white background

    Foam Tips

    Soft memory foam helps isolate noise while staying comfortable and in place. When used with our earplugs you get an NRR of up to 31. While foam tips wear out quickly, our foam tips last 4-6 months.

  •  Lanyard tied together

    Earplug Lanyard

    Keep your Decibullz earplugs together with this premium lanyard. It’s easily attachable and allows for the convenience of around the neck wearing for active individuals and workplace environments.