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Q: What are Decibullz™?
A: Decibullz™ are a custom-molded earphone system. They are molded by you to the unique shape of your ears. Because Decibullz™ are custom molded they will not fall out, they will never hurt and they sound amazing. 

Q: How do Decibullz™ work?
A: Decibullz™ are extremely easy to mold. Simply heat them, shape them and rock them! 

Q: What are Decibullz™ molds made of?
A: The Decibullz™ molds are made of a nontoxic biodegradable thermoplastic. 

Q: Why can’t I leave my Decibullz™ in my car?
A: Exposing your Decibullz™ to excessive heat can damage your earphones. The molds can be remolded but if the earphones are exposed to enough heat to deform your molds the speakers can be damaged as well.  

Q: How many times can I remold my Decibullz™?
A: There is no limit. You can remold Decibullz™ as many times as you would like.Check out our Re-Molding video HERE.

Q: I have molded my Decibullz and now my earphones don't soud as good as they did with the normal tips. Can this be fixed?

A: Yes. The sound quality of your earphones greatly depends on how well your Decibullz are molded. You may need to mold your Decibullz again to get the best sound out of your earphones. Click HERE to see our Re-Molding Video.

Q: I think there is too much molding material than what is needed for my ears. Can I remove some of the material?
A: Yes. We recommend using scissors to cut off the surplus immediately after the heating process. 

Q: My earbuds don’t feel like they are in deep enough. They feel comfortable and don’t fall out. But they just don’t feel like other earbuds I have used. Is that normal? 
A: Yes. Decibullz™ use the outer ear to keep the earphone in place instead of the ear canal. This makes the earphones much more comfortable. It may take some users a bit to get used to. 

Q: Do Decibullz™ have a warranty?
A: Yes. Decibullz™ come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers all manufacture defects. 

Q: Can I ski or snowboard in my Decibullz™?
A: Yes! Decibullz™ are great for all snow sports! 

Q: Does the Decibullz™ remote work with my Android smartphone?
A: The Decibullz™ remote was designed to work with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod product lines. However the remote is compatible with some Android and Windows phones. 

Q: Can I use Decibullz™ molds on other headphone brands?

A: Decibullz™ molds are designed to work with Decibullz™ brand earphones. However we have found that other earphones may be compatible. 

Q: I have traped my earphone with the molding material, how do I remove it?

A: Use a blowdryer to gently heat the mold untill the material is soft. Then remove the material from the earphone.  


We are currently developing Decibullz™ molds that are compaible with other earphone models.